What Is Diamond Overgrading?

Diamond Overgrading


The scam case from Dallas, Texas.

Diamond Doctor Overgrading has been the latest news to hit jewelers in Dallas with many more people coming forward to prove that they have been misled by these scammers.

Diamond overgrading, in its essence, is the action of misleading consumers by claiming the diamonds sold are of a higher quality than they claim to be. More than hundreds of thousands of consumers have been affected by the scandal erupted from EGL International and has since grown through to several companies in the United States, including many in the state of Tennessee alone. However, this isnt the first incident where such a case has occurred, there are have been many reports about this scandal. Many customers are telling their story, and are seeking victims advice for diamond fraud.

For many years jewelers and wholesales have passed off diamonds at higher grades than their grade truly is, providing customers with certificates or grades provided by fraudulent grading businesses. Using the GIA scale, certificates can overstate the value of these diamonds sold by as much as five grades in some instances, which not only brings thousands of disappointed customers, but a huge weight on these businesses shoulders now that theyve been found accused. The Diamond Doctor Overgrading scandal has shown light of these instances which have not only shaken Dallas, or even Texas for that matter, but the United States. It also shows how to check if your diamond is real if youre thinking about buying a diamond or diamond-encrusted jewelry in the future.

According to Gold & Diamonds Cincinnati  diamond overgrading is when a diamond is graded under the GIA grading system, though when verified by a certified GIA source the color or clarity are lower than the grade thats initially stated.