What do you do if you are a Victim?

Things to Do If You Are a Victim of Diamond Overgrading

In November 2014, a press release by the RapaPort Group exposed a  scandal that is now rampant in the jewelry market. However, despite warnings and lawsuits against the offenders, some companies such as Diamond Doctor, still engage in the overgrading practice. David Blank of Diamond Doctor is among the individuals that continue to propagate the ill-fated practice. If you are a Diamond Doctor victim, here are some things you should know and a to do list for you.

What happens during overgrading?

The experts in this negative manipulate the value of diamond and dupe buyers with fake qualities. Before you approach a shop to purchase diamond or other pieces of jewelry, it is important to know the basic ratings of diamonds approved by GIA. Another option is to take your piece of diamond to an independent dealer to ascertain its actual value.
In most cases, diamonds bought from Diamond Doctor have a lower quality when taken for verification. This is a clear evidence that the company is indeed fooling people buy selling counterfeit diamonds. If you were planning to buy diamond soon, it is highly advised for you to shop only from a supplier that has the approval of GIA. That is the only way that you can be safe from the rampant scamming that now takes place in the market.

What should you do when you are a victim?

With the continuing practice of overgrading, it is important that every buyer be prepared for any situation. If you happen to be a victim of diamond overgrading fraud, the first thing to do is to determine if you really are a victim. You will know that you have fallen for their tricks if the certificate that they have given you is not the one given by the GIA. For example, if you are given an EGL certificate instead of a GIA certificate, then you have been scammed.

The second thing that you should do is to report to relevant authorities. The department of consumer protection in the office of the attorney general is ready to listen to your case and offer appropriate support and advice.

Third, you should file a lawsuit against the supplier or company involved in the scam. Use every avenue possible to expose the fraud and the people involved in it. This can help more buyers out there who have not heard the information regarding scams involving diamonds and jewelry in general.An important thing that you should remember upon filing the lawsuit is choosing a well reputed law firm that can provide you with experienced lawyer/s that can influence the case in a good way. This way, you are giving yourself a bigger chance of winning your claim.

Finally, companies that practice diamond overgrading such as the company mentioned above should have their trading documents withdrawn. The company needs to know that it is responsible for any quality of diamond that it sells to customers. Let us add our voices against selling counterfeit diamonds in the jewelry market and expose the culprits.