Avoid Buying from Diamond Doctor in Dallas

Diamond Doctor Reviews: Learn these tips to ensure you’re not ripped off by Diamond Doctor

A diamond is precious and regardless of any cause for which you buy it, you need genuine quality that is value for money. However, there is an ongoing trend of diamond overgrading in the market which buyers need to be aware of. One company that engages in diamond over grading is Diamond Doctor in Dallas, Texas. If you have not fallen a victim of Diamond Doctor overgrading, it may just be a matter of time. The owners of this company have taken advantage of many buyers who do not understand the mechanics of diamond or jewelry grading.

As a Buyer

As a buyer, you should take some precautions when shopping for diamonds to help you avoid the rampant Diamond Doctor overgrading of diamonds in the market. First off, when you approach the seller, insist that the piece of jewelry you intend to purchase must have a GIA certification to show that it was graded by experts.

“When I became a victim of this conning game at Diamond Doctor, I was scared to bits. All along I have been buying diamonds have not taken keen notice at the grading part.” – A previous customer from Diamond Doctor

I came to realize that the company capitalizes on the buyer’s ignorance of the grading process and charges overly high prices for low-grade diamonds. We do not want this to happen to a fellow buyer, which is why this article is a warning to expose what takes place at Diamond Doctor. When you doubt the quality of your diamond, it is advisable to raise the alarm as fast as possible so the culprits can be brought to book. Diamond overgrading is a serious offence because it is like robbing the buyers of their hard-earned money.

Take Action

When jewelers begin to scam buyers like it happens at Diamond Doctor, many buyers are going to lose faith on the suppliers of diamonds. The owners of such companies should face the law and refund the buyers who have become victims of the scam. The value of your diamond should remain protected before and after the purchase. Paying for low-grade diamond as first-grade versions will only ruin the success of the industry.

Here are some points to note when you want to protect the value of your diamond.

· Ensure the diamond is rated by GIA, which is the authorized agency for jewelry. All diamonds rated by GIA must have a certification number inscribed in the diamond, which you need to see at the time of purchase. Where the certification is lacking, you need to look for an alternative.

· Report to relevant authorities about any suspicions concerning your diamond(s). This offence is punishable by law. By reporting the supplier to relevant authorities, you will get the opportunity to raise your voice and seek a refund where necessary.