My Nice New Diamond Piece Ruined

Diamond Doctor Reviews: First Attempt At Owning Nice Diamond Piece Ruined!


My story of how my first attempt to buy a perfect diamond was destroyed

My first real attempt at owning something that is really damned valuable was ruined by a scam and something I had not even heard existed in the diamond business – overgrading. Apparently, you shouldn’t take the value of diamond your glitzy seller gives you at face value. It could be inflated. In my case, I was a victim of something I later learned was called Diamond Doctor overgrading run by the Diamond Doctor owner.


I ordered some diamond earrings off the Diamond Doctor website.

I had seen an ad on the internet and needed some nice earrings for a wedding I was going to. They took awhile to arrive and I called the Diamond Doctor owner trying to find them. They were a week late and a little too close for comfort to the wedding.

Since I paid such an astronomical amount for them, I decided to get them graded on my own accord. I went to another jeweler to get them appraised. I didn’t mention what I paid to the Diamond Doctor owner. I was livid when I got the total. It was a $2000 difference. What a load of BS!

They have a disclaimer on their website which is their liberal and self-serving take on what constitutes the value of a diamond piece. I didn’t understand it before but after being ripped off I could tell it was a secret “disclaimer” for them to continue to sell overgraded Diamond jewelry.  Whatever, Diamond Doctor overgrading scam is what I call it. Earrings that I paid $6000 for but they’re graded at an equivalent of being worth $4000 or less is a hell of a difference.  Don’t buy from these guys. The best I can do is not let another person get scammed by the Diamond Doctor owner.