Diamond Doctor Review: Faith in Humanity Ruined by Diamond Doctors

It is estimated that over 10,000 Americans were sold clearly fraudulent diamonds in the past fiscal year. A fraudulent diamond is one that is sold for a much higher price than what it is valued for.

Class action lawsuits are spreading all over America, as information about overgrading scams (and the nefarious tactics of shady Diamond dealers like David Blank) hit mainstream news. Many have been cheated out of their hard earned dollars, while a tycoon like David Blank spends millions on his lavish jet-set lifestyle.


 How does David Blank Cheat his Victims?

Dallas gem dealers employed by David Blank have a few known methods of blatant consumer fraud. One method is to adorn a diamond display with certificates ensuring the grading is true and definitive. Consumers spend thousands, while Diamond Doctor fraudsters print out certificates on a laser jet printer in the back room.

David Blank (and other shady diamond peddlers) insist that they use ‘industry norms’ to grade their diamonds. However, this means that Market Value (MV) is not calculated or measured. Rather, it is defined – by a jeweler wanting to turn a profit.

How will Diamond Doctor Reviews help?

Many people have fought against fraudulent diamond dealers and won. Many others, unware of their rights, simply live with the pain of being cheated out of their life savings to buy a worthless fake diamond.

Read these reviews and learn from the misfortune of others. With knowledge there is power. Read how the good folks of America are banding together to shut down the evil practices of shady diamond dealers like David Blank and other diamond con artists.