Diamond Doctor Dallas: I Wasted My Money Here

Diamond Doctor reviews: I Wasted My Money Here


Considering Diamond Doctor? Not after you read this review.

I am livid at David Blank and his fraud of a business.

I live about an hour south of Dallas, Texas. I got a real nice job down here with the oil drilling industry and decided to treat myself. I deserve it and work damn hard. I wanted a real nice genuine diamond ring to show off how well I am doing and the hard work I put in. My girlfriends at work told me Dallas had a lot of jewelers and i should check out some. I called around and found Diamond Doctor Dallas. I gave them a call and they said they were by appointment so I made one and hopped in my car on over.

A guy named Chris was working and he showed me some rings that were real pretty. I thought these are huge, this will impress everyone. I looked for awhile and picked out a canary diamond that I could wear on my right hand. I drove home from Diamond Doctor Dallas and went home with my new rock. A few weeks later I decided to get it cleaned. I couldn’t remember the phone number of  the place so I did a  search. Diamond Doctor Dallas. Oh my. I didn’t expect what I saw. Lawsuits and fraud pages and this David Blank guy I bought from being accused of diamond over grading. This was just my kind of luck. Buying jewelry from a known fraud.

I had it looked over by an unrelated jeweler with nothing to benefit by not telling me the truth and this guy told me that my ring wasn’t worth the $18,000 I paid but maybe $9000. What the heck! I kept calling demanding a refund. It had been 32 days so they wouldn’t take it back from me! I called repeatedly and nothing, no excuse for ripping me off. Do not buy from David Blank the Diamond Doctor Dallas! He is a fraud and a liar with no morals. Don’t be  fooled by the fancy store and friendly employees! It’s all a front. Use your head and know who you are buying diamonds from!