Diamond Doctor Dallas

You might have seen some Billboards and Ads around social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter about a scam made by Diamond Doctor Dallas if you happen to live or be near Fort Worth and Dallas. However, not everybody knows how the Diamond Doctor in Dallas started out and how it got involved with the case. So, if you want to learn a thing or two, then read on.

David Blank

If you want to know about the history of a company, then you should begin with the owner; in this case it is Diamond Doctor Dallas. David Blank, the owner of the Diamond Doctor in Dallas is a South African native who came to the North of Texas in 1996. He made a shop in downtown Dallas and his target consumers were men who are looking for engagement rings for their fiancées. The company caught fire and sold a lot of diamonds because the people liked that they were sold high grade diamonds at a pretty reasonable price. Because of the attention that David Blank’s Diamond Doctor Dallas had, it quickly rose to fame. Later on, it became the official jewelers of one of the most popular NFL teams in the United States, the Dallas Cowboys.

The Reason Behind The Name

On an interview that was being transcribed on the Diamond Doctor Dallas website, David Blank stated that he just went to North Texas to attend his sister’s wedding. When he came to the states, he quickly fell in love with it. Because of that, he took a low paying job to extend his pay and eventually acquired citizenship. When he made the shop, he decided to name it Diamond Doctor to honor his father who died a rather tragic death. His father committed suicide at the prime of his life. This sad event made the Jewelry Shop owner strive harder and the success that he has achieved is evident.

The 100 million Diamond Showcase

On an article written by NBC on Nov. 18 2014 diamond doctor was showcased in it because they are going to host an event that will showcase their collection of diamonds. How much is it worth? An estimated 100 million dollars and the Diamond Doctor Dallas (David Blank) owner said that the market value for those diamonds are more than that. On a news clip made by the same TV station, the Diamond Doctor in Dallas owner brags his collection of diamonds which includes some of the rarest diamonds that you will find in the world (according to him).

One specific diamond, a 40 carat yellow diamond that he describes as “rarer than a person being struck by a lightning” is included in the said showcase. Well truth of the matter is the 6 day event was big (Dec-1-6, 2014). It wouldn’t capture networks such as NBC and have them featured in a news clip if it was not worthy. So, you’re getting it right, Diamond Doctor Dallas is pretty big.

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