David Blank

It is funny that South Africa native David Blank calls himself the Diamond Doctor, because thousands of people are accusing him of doctoring the value of diamonds.

Operating a wholesale diamond business in North Texas, Blank has gained notoriety among the elite for his custom diamond services. For the non-elite, however, he is believed to have bilked millions out of the pockets of thousands of working class folks.

For Blank and his wealthy friends, a diamond is just another toy to play around in his fantasy life. For working class Americans, a diamond purchase is a life defining moment of great importance.

As news spreads about the jet-setting David Bank peddling worthless rocks to uneducated Dallas pensioners, people are banding together and fighting back.

Blank does most of his business as a diamond wholesaler, selling diamonds to both retail resellers and to private customers from an ultra-upscale location in the heart of Dallas.

Complaints have skyrocketed at his shop, extra security has been seen in the area, and people are questioning the authenticity of what David Blank claims to be properly valued diamonds. There is even evidence to supports the claims, here you can listen to a recording of the diamond dealer bribing the lawyer filing claims against him.

Like in the Art of War, the best way to defeat your foe is to know your enemy. Read everything you need to know about David Blank and his unscrupulous diamond business, and learn how you can fight back and get paid for your pain and suffering.

David Blank’s so-called fraudulent diamond dealings are a disease. Help become part of the cure.