Diamond Doctor Overgrading



Have you had diamonds, jewelry or other items contain diamonds from Diamond Doctor? You are not alone.

For many customers, buying an expensive piece of jewelry becomes sentimental and important for the majority of their lives. So when you find the jewelry you once thought to be of such a high quality is actually of something much lower, then it’s unsurprising to hear you’ll be disappointed. We’re here to show that Diamond Doctor won’t be able to hide their schemes from the public any longer. We also have Diamond Doctor Reviews for you to read so you can get fully informed on this firms malpractices. Being tricked with an overgraded diamond is about more than losing your well-deserved cash, but also affects you emotionally should it be found you’re a victim of Diamond Doctor. But now you can take a stand, and you’ve found the perfect place for all your content and news here at the Diamond Doctor Overgrading team.

We’re here to offer you a solution. David Blank should be ashamed.

What is diamond over grading?


Diamond certificate

Diamond grading is the fraudulent act of selling overpriced diamonds by fooling people that a piece of jewelry has a high grade diamond when in fact it is not. They do it by giving customers fraudulent certificates that tell them that the diamonds are high grade when in fact they are not. One popular case is the lawsuit against a popular jeweler: Diamond Doctor Dallas.

The Diamond Doctor Case

The high profile Diamond Doctor overgrading case started when a group of people went to the Cummings-Manookian law firm to help them because they found out that they have been sold counterfeit diamonds. They do it by selling EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) certified diamonds instead of diamonds that are certified by an accredited institution like the the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the AGS (American Gemological Society.
Because of that, David Blank (Diamond Doctor’s owner), tried to bribe an established lawyer just to shush him. If you think about it, why would he try to bribe a lawyer if he doesn’t have anything to hide. This act just proves that the Diamond Doctor overgrading does occur and is scamming more and more people every single day.

The Present Status

As more and more people are getting scammed every day, the case against Diamond Doctor Dallas becomes stronger as well. The more people complain, the bigger the chance that the consumer watch department of the federal government takes an in depth look on the commotion created by unsatisfied customers. The law firm mentioned above strengthens its advocacy to help and protect consumers that have been fooled by the said company.

What You Need To Do

The first thing you should remember when you deal with diamond fraud is that you should have a basis for your claim. This is so that you will have a strong case and have a bigger chance to win the jury’s decision. Once you have the basis or the proof that you have been scammed, the next thing you should do is to secure a good law firm. A good law firm can provide you with experienced lawyers that has a knack for getting justice served and hopefully put a stop to the schemes put up by Diamond Doctor Dallas and David Blank.